Why Your Cat Needs and Deserves a Cat Friendly Practice

At Hills and Dales Veterinary clinic, your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. We understand that visits to the vet can be scary for pets, particularly felines who are shy and reserved by nature. That’s why we made the decision to become a Cat Friendly Practice. We’ve made changes to many different areas of our practice in order to better accommodate our feline guests. Additionally, our staff has been trained to recognize signs of feline distress and to use low-stress handling to keep them calm and comfortable.

How We Reduce Stress for Cats

Cats are special creatures who are very sensitive to their environments. To help them feel more comfortable in our clinic, we’ve altered our setting to better suit their needs. Some of the ways we’ve changed things up include:

  • Using pheromone sprays such as Feliway and Feliway Happy to put cats at ease
  • Separate exam rooms for cats
  • Soft towels on exam tables for cats to curl up on and make themselves comfortable
  • Taking time to let your cat get used to their new environment
  • Equipment and facilities specific for our cat patients to ensure their comfort and safety
  • Low-restraint handling to reduce anxiety and fear
  • "Twilight" medication before or during your cat's visit
Cat Friendly Practice in Kettering: Cat Laying On Rug

At-Home Advice

Our care for your cat doesn’t start and end at our doors. We know that even preparing for a veterinary visit can be stressful for your kitty. As a Cat Friendly Practice, we have insight into how to reduce stress for your visit before you get here. Here are some tips to make the journey easier:

  • Leave the carrier out a few days beforehand (or all the time, if possible) so that your cat can get used to it before the visit.
  • Handle your cat as gently as possible when placing them in their carrier. If you do have trouble getting them in, place a blanket over them, and wrap them like a burrito, being careful not to do so too tightly, and place them in the carrier.
  • Line the bottom of the carrier with a soft towel or blanket. For added comfort, spray the towel with a pheromone spray, such as Feliway.
  • Stay calm. If you’re in a hurry to make your cat get in their carrier, they will more than likely become frightened and hide elsewhere. Try to give yourself enough time to place treats, toys, or even catnip in the carrier so you cat goes in on their own.
  • Consider using calming treats or anti-anxiety medication prior to transport to help your cat relax for their journey.

Interested in learning more of what it takes to be a Cat Friendly Practice? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to offer you more information and advice!