Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments
in Kettering

Spring buds bring sneezy, itchy eyes and skin for many of us here in Kettering and the greater Dayton area. In fact, Dayton, Ohio has been consistently named a top ten city for human and pet allergies. Allergens are everywhere and pets experience allergies all year long.

Does your pet itch or chew their feet and skin? Is their skin inflamed or are they losing fur in some areas? If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, it could indicate a larger issue than dry skin and they may have allergies or another chronic skin problem. Fortunately, your pet doesn’t have to scratch in silence.

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Kettering, OH

Causes of Pet Allergies

As with humans, there are many things to which pets can have an allergic reaction. Allergies are the body's immune system reacting negatively to outside substances (even if they are harmless). Some of the most common substances that cause skin allergies in pets include:

  • Food ingredients
  • Plants, molds, and pollens
  • Parasites
  • Dust mites
  • Household chemicals and products
  • Endocrinepathies

Signs Your Pet May Have Allergies

Since pets' irritated skin is usually covered with fur, an allergic reaction can be hard to spot. There are signs, however, that your pet is suffering from a skin condition. Set up an appointment for your pet if they exhibit any of the following:

  • Excessive scratching and rubbing of the face or ears
  • Excessive licking of feet, legs, or abdomen
  • Loss of fur
  • Inflamed or scabbed skin (hot spots)
  • Recurring vomiting or diarrhea
  • Recurring skin or ear infections
Pet outside after dog allergy treatment

Allergy Treatment and Management

While allergies are a common cause of our pet’s skin irritations, many different things can be the culprit. Sometimes, to get to the bottom of a chronic skin condition, further diagnostic testing and treatment are required. If your pet continues to scratch or chew at irritated areas, they may develop secondary infections.

We treat and manage skin conditions in a variety of ways:

  • Using impression smears and skin scrapings, cytology services analyze skin cells to accurately diagnose bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or allergic conditions.
  • To manage food allergies, we offer dietary modifications but appreciate patience while we wait 2-3 months to see results.

If you suspect your pet has a skin problem, please contact us so we can determine why. As diverse as skin conditions can be, they can often be treated easily and cost-effectively in their initial stages. We look forward to treating your pet and soothing their skin.

If you are seeking care from a dermatologist, advanced/intradermal skin testing, or a dermatology consult, please contact one of the following specialty centers:

2714 Springboro West
Moraine, OH 45439
Phone: (937) 293-2714

6421 Clyo Road
Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: (937) 428-0911