Solving Complex Cases with Internal Pet Medicine in Kettering

At Hills and Dales Veterinary Clinic, we devote ourselves to solving any problem your pet has so we can treat them effectively. Internal pet medicine is an in-depth study of your pet’s biology. It helps us understand complex medical cases such as dog and cat cancer, thyroid problems, skin disease, and more. At our animal hospital in Kettering, we perform detailed physical exams to diagnose and then manage your pet’s condition.

Dealing with Pet Cancer

Cancer is a real concern, particularly for older pets. Just like us, pets become more susceptible to the disease as they age. It is always scary to have a pet diagnosed with cancer, but we take the best care of your pet that we can whether through an oncology referral or by offering palliative care. Common cat cancers include lymphoma, fibrosarcoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Meanwhile, common dog cancers include osteosarcoma, lymphoma, and hemangiosarcoma. Unfortunately, there are many other types of cancer that can affect your pet, but with extensive exams, including laboratory work and digital imaging, we hope to catch cancer early, when treatments can be most effective. Biopsies are particularly useful in determining not only that your pet has cancer, but in identifying the type of cancer too.

Internal Pet Medicine in Kettering, OH

Other Complex Cases

Cancer isn’t the only medical condition to worry about. Conditions such as diabetes, skin disease, thyroid problems, and gastrointestinal issues, are internal pet diseases our team treats regularly. Our laboratory equipment and digital imaging help diagnose your pet’s medical conditions.

Managing Complex and
Age-Related Health Conditions

The most important part of managing complex conditions is catching them early! Regular wellness exams and consistent preventive medicine allow us to determine abnormalities sooner when the condition is easier to treat. When you bring your pet in for an examination, we can perform routine blood work and blood chemistry panels to make sure there are no underlying conditions. Conditions typically develop when your pet is older and more vulnerable, so bringing them in more frequently is important for their long-term wellbeing.

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Dog at our Animal Hospital for Internal Pet Medicine