Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats in Kettering for a Smoother Recovery

At Hills and Dales Veterinary Clinic, our goal involves not only treating your pet’s illnesses and injuries but helping them heal too. Cat and dog pain relief and management is an important part of any healing process. Pain causes stress, which in turn, slows healing. When we alleviate pain, your pet feels better and can heal faster. We offer a range of veterinary pain management options including laser therapy for pets, the Assisi Loop, and medications.

Companion Class IV Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser therapy uses concentrated light energy to increase blood flow to the affected area and decrease inflammation and pain. Light energy from our handheld device penetrates deep into the tissue and stimulates the ATP molecule in cells. The cells become energized and are able to repair damaged tissue faster. Depending on your pet’s condition, they could benefit extensively from only one or two treatments, while others will need consistent care 2-3 times per week. Fortunately, laser therapy for pets is completely safe and pain-free.

Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats in Kettering, OH
Dog relaxing from pain relief

Assisi Loop

The Assisi Loop is a medical device we can issue to pets for consistent at-home pain management. The Loop uses target pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to send electrical currents through your pet’s tissue, which creates an electromagnetic field around the inflamed area. This field stimulates the Nitric Oxide cycle, with is a key component of molecular healing. The Loop increases Nitric Oxide production to facilitate healing of both soft and hard tissues, and so can be used for a range of conditions and situations. The general usage guideline suggests using the Loop 2-4 times per day in 15-minute increments for both acute and chronic conditions. In time, you’ll likely be able to taper treatments to only a couple of times per week.


Pain medications are useful in fast-acting pain relief. NSAIDs and opioids are common in veterinary pain management and help animals remain comfortable while they recover. Opioids are for short-term relief, while NSAIDs can be used for a longer term, such as for chronic orthopedic conditions.

Giving Your Pet the Option that Suits Them Best

If your pet is in pain, talk to our veterinarians about their options. Depending on their current health condition and level of pain, we can suggest any of the above options that work best for you! Please contact us today for more information.